Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MLEEP Reviews: Den & Dart

Written By Davey Moore

Just finished watching the new episode "Den & Dart" and...Davey Moore, I'm happy to say that you finally made a good Den and Dart episode!  When it comes to the story, it was actually an awesome dive into Den and Dart's psyches as it really showed how close they are as friends and how much they love working together side-by-side at the Dieselworks...to the point where the two reminded me of Victor and Kevin, who run the Steamworks.

When it came to the animation, the team at Arc Productions went all out once again-especially in things like the different shots of the Dieselworks in action at the beginning and the montages of Den shunting in the quarry and Dart fixing Mavis with accompanying music that reminded me a lot of the movie "Rocky".

When it came to the characters, they were all awesome in their roles-especially Den and Dart, who got a ton of character development in this episode as they start out being more fleshed out when they're separated and end up being fully developed by the end of the episode.  Not only that, but Toby was actually in character and how he helped Den manage the trucks at the quarry reminded me a lot of Season 3's "Mavis".

Overall, "Den & Dart" is easily one of Davey Moore's best episodes ever and gets a rating of a 10 out of 10 from me.

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