Saturday, November 7, 2015

MLEEP Reviews: My Little Pony - It's A Pony Kind Of Christmas

Written By Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews

With the release of the newest My Little Pony album being a couple days ago, I knew I had to voice my thoughts on the release. Like many Bronies, I was at first confused as to why they were labeling this as a Christmas album when our heroes celebrate Hearth's Warming Eve. But thanks to some clarification from the show's songwriter/composer Daniel Ingram, I went into this album with an open mind...but will this album make for the perfect gift this holiday season? Let's take a look!

It's A Pony Kind Of Christmas: As the first original song on the album, this was an awesome song to start us off as...the cast puts in so much heart and passion into their performances, the orchestrations are simply beautiful and it just gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that we should all have at this time of year.

Jingle Bells: As the first traditional song on the album to be re-written, this version was simply awesome as I thought having Rainbow Dash sing a rock-and-roll version of this well-known and loved song was actually a nice way to give a breath of fresh air to the song and the re-written lyrics are actually really good. Bravo to Ashleigh Ball for another awesome performance with her character as she always knows how to make each one "20% cooler"!

Deck The Halls: As the second traditional song on the album to be re-written, this version was simply beautiful. The orchestrations matched Rarity's personality perfectly, the re-written lyrics were beautiful and...when it comes to the singing voice of Kazumi Evans, this song goes to show that she can do no wrong with her singing-no wonder Andy Price keeps her on his Ipod with "The Beatles" and "Rolling Stones"!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas: As the third traditional song on the album to be re-written, this version was awesome as the orchestrations and the re-written lyrics were simply beautiful. On top of it all, it's sung by who I consider Best Pony...Twilight Sparkle, what more could you ask for?!? Bravo to Rebecca Shoichet for another awesome performance and giving each performance that little extra "sparkle" to make each one even more magical than the last.

Silent Night: As the fourth traditional song on the album to be re-written, this version was simply beautiful as the orchestrations matched Fluttershy's gentle personality perfectly and the re-written lyrics helped add to the calm nature of the song. Also, having Fluttershy be the pony to sing this song was a seriously smart choice in my opinion as she's known for wanting things to be peaceful and calm.

Twelve Days Of Christmas: As the fifth traditional song on the album to be re-written, this version was simply hilarious as...not only is it sung by Pinkie Pie of all characters, but the orchestrations matched her comedic personality and the re-written lyrics had me laughing all the way. I mean, Pinkie being given "a big bowl of ravioli" do know that's meat, right Pinkie? Other than that, Shannon Chan-Kent really went all out in her performances and I have to give her a huge round of applause.

Last Year I Got Coal For Christmas: As the second original song on the album, this song was cute and the orchestrations were nice...but sadly it's not one that I'd consider listening to again. Also...who in the name of Equestria is Pop Fly?!? I've heard that this character is Fluttershy's brother who will be introduced in Season 6, but why would you have a song from a character that the fanbase won't even know until the next season premieres?

Jolly Ol' St. Nick: As the sixth traditional song on the album to be re-written, this song was great with the jazzy remix of this classic tune and it fits Spike's personality perfectly seeing as he's a dragon who would be greedy about presents around this time of year-but it's nice to see that he's actually thinking about gifts for his friends this time. Bravo to Cathy Weseluck for giving another awesome performance as our favorite assistant to the Princess Of Friendship! But, I've just gotta say right now: There, Bronies and Pegasisters of BronyCon-Spike got his own song! You happy?!?!?

Days Gone By (Auld Lang Syne): As the final traditional song on the album to be re-written, I think this song is on the same level of awesomeness as Fluttershy's "Silent Night" since the orchestrations matched the Apple family's personalities perfectly and...if you really take the time to listen to this song and see who's singing this, this song may actually be about Applejack's deceased parents and how they can't spend Hearthswarming with their daughter as a family. Bravo to Ashleigh Ball, Michelle Creber and Tabitha St. Germain for giving a truly heartfelt performance with their characters!

The Heart Carol: As the final original song on the album, this was a spectacular finale and a nice little callback to the series. Now, many of us Bronies have actually already heard this song before in the Season 2 episode "Hearth's Warming Eve"-one of my favorite episodes from Season 2...but this is actually an extended version of the song and to finally be able to hear the song in its entirety was simply awesome.

Overall, nine great songs and only one that wasn't good makes the "It's A Pony Kind Of Christmas" album the perfect Christmas gift for any Brony and Pegasister of the MLP community and gets an overall rating of a 9 out of 10. Hasbro, make a Christmas special of this album...PLEASE!!!

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