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MLEEP Reviews: Horse Play | #MLPSeason8

Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play
Written By Kaita Mpambara

Everypony has their strengths and weaknesses on their journeys of discovering their true destinies such as Twilight Sparkle specializing in magic or Rarity being able to find precious gems.  Ever since she was a filly, Princess Celestia's destiny has been to raise and lower the sun over Equestria day in and day out...but did she ever have any second thoughts on what her calling in life would be and did she have any foalhood dreams?  Let's find out by raising the curtain on our next episode in Season 8, this is 'Horse Play'!

Princess Celestia's fillyhood dream of being in a play is realized when Twilight Sparkle casts her in production, only to discover Celestia's talents lie elsewhere.


I've gotta tell ya...when Princess Celestia finally started getting episodes to herself back in Season 7, the My Little Pony fandom was going crazy as we were finally seeing a side to Celestia that we had never seen before whether it was her fears of letting her star pupil Twilight Sparkle strike out on her own in 'Celestial Advice' or getting to explore her sisterly bond with Princess Luna by living each other's lives in 'A Royal Problem'.  Now that we are getting another episode about Celestia where we get to explore her foalhood dreams, will it be the episode that shines above the rest?

  • Princess Celestia's onesversary-the fact that Princess Celestia has been raising the sun for 1,111 years alone with everything that she has went through over the years from banishing her sister to the moon to defeating evil villains is most impressive...not to mention that I LOVE the continuity with the Journal Of The Two Sisters!
  • Nicole Oliver as Princess Celestia-I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nicole Oliver does a spectacular job with voicing Princess Celestia and I can tell that she must've been having a field day in the recording booth especially during the scenes of her fangirling over being in a play in the opening and the rehearsals where the show staff clearly enjoyed poking fun at Tommy Wiseau...oh hi, Twilight!
  • The importance/message of theater-what Princess Celestia says about how theater brings out the best in everyone in order to create a magical experience for others is something I'm sure that anyone who wants to get into acting whether for television, movies or even Broadway can relate to
  • The introduction of the School Of Friendship Theater-always great to see more world building for new locations in the series and I love how the students are all involved in the play as well
  • The return of On Stage and Raspberry Beret-it's been three seasons since we last saw these two Method Mares in 'Made In Manehattan', so getting to see these two again in order to give Princess Celestia acting lessons was quite a nice callback especially when going over the acting approach of improvisation
  • Celestia isn't perfect-sure Twilight Sparkle may still hold Princess Celestia up on an unapproachable pedestal, but it's so great to see that even her idol has flaws and has failed a number of times as we've seen throughout the series

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Overall, 'Horse Play' truly was a magical experience that brought out the best for the debut of another new writer and I give it a rating of a 10 out of 10.

Horse Play-10/10


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