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MLEEP Reviews: Molt Down | #MLPSeason8

Season 8, Episode 11: Molt Down
Written By Josh Haber

Ever since Twilight Sparkle helped him hatch out of his egg back in Season 1, Spike really has come a long way-he's gone from being an unbelievably stupid and ignorant child that generally annoyed the fans during the early days of the series to a fully developed character who in a way has become the voice of reason for many characters such as Starlight Glimmer in the later seasons and has even officially been given the title of Friendship Embassador to the dragons.  But every now and then, every child grows up into an adult and it looks like Spike may finally be going through some changes of his own in our next episode of Season 8...this is 'Molt Down'!

Spike struggles with a series of bizarre symptoms that Smolder explains is something all dragons go through in adolescence: 'the molt.' Smolder also reveals an unfortunate 'molt side-effect' that compels a molter's family to kick them out of the house!


Let's be honest, everypony...the Spike episodes were always hit-and-miss in the past and it wasn't until Season 6 that we started getting really great episodes as well as some awesome character development out of Spike as well...but when we received word that Spike would soon be going through his adolescent stage, this was a concept that actually had me excited in seeing where this episode was going to go.  Does Spike have enough fire power to make another awesome episode in Season 8's lineup?

  • Continuity with 'Dragon Quest'-as much as I hated 'Dragon Quest', it was nice to at least get some continuity from Spike as to what happened to his pet phoenix Rarity said, 'every bird must leave the nest'
  • The lore about 'the molt', rocs and phoenixes-always great to see more world building for different species of characters in the series especially when it results in one of the biggest surprises so far this season...without spoiling anything, our little dragon's growing up!
  • The story-I don't know if I'm the only one who saw this, but this is easily what Season 2's "Secret Of My Excess" should've been since I think pretty much everyone can relate to Spike when it comes to the awkward phase of puberty whether you're dealing with things like acne or deepening voices as well as children leaving their parents in order to start a new life on their own
  • The return of Zecora-it's great to see that a fan favorite character like Zecora is slowly getting more and more screen time since I don't believe that she was very well received back when she first debuted back in Season 1

  • The humor-don't get me wrong, some of the jokes in this episode managed to get a good laugh out of me...but the constant repetition of the 'uncontrollable volume shifts' gag got old quickly

Overall if the humor is the only thing that needed to be changed, then I have nothing to complain about with 'Molt Down' as it gives us plenty of world building to expand upon and one of the biggest surprises of the season so far and I give it a rating of a 9.5 out of 10...and thus we enter the mid-season hiatus, all we can do now is play the waiting game.

Horse Play-10/10
The Parent Map-5/10
Non-Compete Clause-3/10
The Break Up Break Down-8/10
Molt Down-9.5/10


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