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MLEEP Reviews: Penguins Of Madagascar | #Madagascar15
Written By Michael Colton, John Aboud and Brandon Sawyer
Composed By Lorne Balfe
Produced By Mark Swift and Lara Breay
Edited By Nick Kenway
Directed By Eric Darnell and Simon J. Smith

I will admit that I wouldn't say that I'm a huge fan of the Madgascar franchise, but I do enjoy the films a lot: the first one was great, the second one was pretty good and the third was a nice conclusion to the for the television series, I remember watching quite a few episodes and I will admit that it was surprisingly good.  But now that the Penguins decided to ditch television to have their own movie leaving King Julien with a series all to himself, can they handle this tough operation or was this all a flippin' mistake?  Let's find out, this is 'Penguins Of Madagascar'!

PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR: Plucky penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private-the most elite spies ever hatched-join forces with a chic undercover organization known as the North Wind. Led by highly trained, handsome and arrogant Agent Classified, this special inter-species task force must stop a many-tentacled villain, Dr. Octavius Brine from destroying the world.


The story is pretty much what you'd expect when you hear the title of the movie: imagine Madagascar without any of the main characters and without the lemurs leaving the rest to the Penguins, the result is just a series of action scenes and non-stop humor...but here's the thing: that's it. The thing about the story is that this is a film that's anything but serious since all of the scenarios and the missions of the characters are just so silly and ridiculous-in fact, it's so silly to the point that it actually feels more like this was meant for an episode of the television series but somehow decided to turn it into a movie. Now I'm not saying that this is a bad thing per se, but the goofy tone would actually depend on your taste if you love it enough to experience it in theaters...speaking of which since it tries to pull off so many jokes at once, the humor can be a little bit of a mix: there are times when it would make you laugh but they fall pretty flat most of the time and I swear I will slap someone if I hear one more pun that includes a celebrity's name. However, not everything is all action and gags since there are times when it tries to have a heart when Private wanted to be recognized as a valued member of the team yet this does not work: whenever they try to bring it in, it feels forced and gives the plot that sense of predictability-like, you know the chain of events that will come.

At least the one thing to look forward to here is the nice animation delivered by DreamWorks: outside of the silly tone, the action scenes are the highlight of the film and they really are awesome...since they decided to make the film fast-paced with its humor, it translates really well with the action: there are so many things going on, but they all go pretty smoothly and they are creative with the scenarios that the Penguins get themselves into. But it's not just the action scenes that are creative, there's also the technology that the characters use that share a nice design along with plenty of color rather it be from the Headquarters of the North Wind or in Dave's lair-even the character animation is actually well done with some simple cartoony animation that nicely uses the squash and stretch technique for a computer animated feature although it does happen when some like Dave can get too over the top but I'll get to him later. The only setbacks I would have with the visuals is that the backgrounds and the settings feel pretty generic-like, they're always in some kind of city or something like that which is pretty bad since they do go all around the world from New York to Shanghai to Venice and more...I mean, even Cars 2's settings feel more atmospheric than this! Also, the overall design of the Madagascar franchise isn't really the best: I get where they're going with the simple look to complement its Looney Tunes-style cartoony nature, but it could be a little too simplistic for a computer animated feature.

Now before we get into the characters, let me start off with the Penguins to mention what's wrong with the movie: in the original trilogy, they're meant to be the weird comic reliefs to bring some good laughs along with some materials for the characters like the monkeys and King Julien to work with...but when they place them here in their own movie, the people at DreamWorks barely did anything to make them fully fleshed out characters able to carry their own feature with the most they've done is making Private more sentimental about his position in the team but that just makes them predictable again-even with their origin story, they didn't do much other than say that they think differently than all the other penguins and that's what makes them stand out. As for the other new characters, they don't really offer a lot to work with either since the North Wind is just shown as a more professional than the Penguins: Eva's the smart one, Corporal is the dumb one with muscles, Short Fuse is the angry little guy and Classified is the leader of the team to show the Penguins how things should be done...and then there's the villain of the film Dave who honestly could have been a great villain since he has such a great backstory that even ties in a bit with the world of Madagascar, but the problem is that he's executed in a really over the top manner that takes away any threat or seriousness to the guy-then again the movie doesn't want to take itself seriously, so it's not really his fault.


Overall, I feel like I didn't really see a movie here but more of a dumb silly cartoon: although 'Penguins Of Madagascar' does offer some nice animation and some great action scenes, the writing is pretty questionable by putting this very goofy tone with jokes that sometimes work instead of having fleshed out characters and a developed story. Kids will definitely have a blast with this, but I'd only recommend this to fans of the television series outside of that and the rest can wait until they can rent it since it feels more like something that's meant to be enjoyed at home in a smaller screen than in a theater and that is why 'Penguins Of Madagascar' gets a rating of a 6.5 out of 10.

MLEEP Reviews: Madgascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted | #Madagascar15

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted | Madagascar Wiki | Fandom
Written By Eric Darnell and Noan Baumbach
Composed By Hans Zimmer
Produced By Mireille Soria and Mark Swift
Edited By Nick Fletcher
Directed By Eric Darnell, Conrad Vernon and Tom McGrath

'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted'...the third and presumably last in the Madagascar movies and I have to say that this seems like a series of movies that just keeps getting better and better: the first one was funny, the second one was really funny, the third one is just constantly hilarious except when it needs to be heartfelt and sentimental and it does that very very well. It has the same great characters, the same great energy, the same great animation and a whole bunch of visual wonder...but was there enough wonder to help this walk on the wild side go out with a bang? Let's find out this is 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted'!

MADAGASCAR 3 - EUROPE'S MOST WANTED: Animal pals Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria are still trying to make it back to New York's Central Park Zoo and forced to take a detour to Europe to find the penguins and chimps who broke the bank at a Monte Carlo casino...but when French animal-control officer Captain Chantel DuBois picks up their scent, Alex and company are forced to hide out in a traveling circus.


Not only did this movie have the most laughs, but I think it also had the most funny characters: that's Frances McDormand as Captain DuBois and honestly you could never tell since she just gets lost in the role and you're too busy laughing at her in order to figure out that it's actually her playing it...that's also Martin Short as an Italian sea lion named Stefano and again you would never know since he just does such a great job that you would never figure it out. The rest of the actors once again just do great in reprising these roles at being incredibly entertaining and giving great deliveries...and once again, they do great in balancing out the heartfelt moments as well including a circus performer named Vitaly that used to be the top of the world but has since then become afraid and even terrified of letting people down with his stunts that he doesn't think can work anymore.

Now I guess it's true the story does work its way into the inevitable "liar revealed" plot which a lot of you know that I really despise...but a) they don't focus on it very long and b) in this story, it sort of works since there's a very surprising yet genuine twist when they get back to their home and taking into account everything they've gone through in the other movies, you'd almost swear this was planned like they knew they were gonna do this from the start. Now the only other element that might be a little distracting is this movie was shot in 3-D and while it's not as bad as other 3-D films that like to show off their technology, this one definitely does get some weird shots at times...not quite to the point where it's distracting, but you can definitely kind of take notice yet you don't mind in other scenes because it's so visually interesting and incredibly colorful with the best example of this being the actual performance of the circus when they get it perfected-it's just wonderful to look's imaginative, it's musical, it's upbeat and it's energetic.


I didn't quite see anything like that in the other two Madagascar films and that's one of the reasons I think 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' is the best...but that's not the only reason: the characters still work great off each other, it has a great villain, it has great side characters, it has good drama, it has good comedy, it has good visuals, it has funny subplots...everything about it just seems to work out perfectly. I really do hope they stop here because I don't think they could top it after this since it seemed like every film was getting closer and closer to that wild yet really imaginative comedy and I think it's perfected here while also having some characters you really do care about and you want to see them get through their predicament which is why I'm giving 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' a rating of a 9 out of 10.

MLEEP Reviews: Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa | #Madagascar15
Written By Etan Cohen, Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath
Composed By Hans Zimmer and
Produced By Mirelle Soria and Mark Swift
Edited By Mark A. Hester
Directed By Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath

Our animal friends return in 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa'...I really hate movie titles that have the number in the title, for example: "Escape 2 Africa"...does it really make things any easier? "Madagascar 2", there...that was a lot shorter and a lot simpler, but anyway how does the movie fare out? Well, I thought the first one was funny particularly in the animation department and this one seems to be a little funnier: it knows what to do with its characters, it knows how to keep fresh jokes coming and it knows how to keep it fast-paced but also keep a good heart...but how much heart did get put into this second walk on the wild side? Let's find out, this is 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa'!

MADAGASCAR - ESCAPE 2 AFRICA: Alex, Marty and other zoo animals find a way to escape from Madagascar when the penguins reassemble a wrecked airplane but the precariously repaired craft stays airborne just long enough to make it to the African continent where the New Yorkers encounter members of their own species for the first time. Africa proves to be a wild place, but Alex and company wonder if it is better than their Central Park home.


Seeing how the third film of the series has them in Europe, I think it's kind of a safe bet to assume what's going to happen next...but again, what makes it good is in what comedic ways it happens and once again the movie really shines in the comedy and the animation. However, it's got some low points like I'm finding out more and more that Jada Pinkett Smith and David Schwimmer's characters of Gloria and Melman are not especially least not in the joke department. I also think the villain Makunga is kind of weak...well maybe not weak but just not funny yet Alec Baldwin does a good job playing a slimy, unlikable and detestable creature and he's also good in the movie too-heh heh, I digress because he actually does do a good job yet it's just that I would've liked a little bit more comedy to come out of him.

That's Bernie Mac playing Alex's father Zuba doing a surprisingly very heartfelt performance...not too many funny lines come out of him, but it still feels very genuine. I'm finding more and more that my favorite character out of these movies is Marty: something about Chris Rock's lines and his delivery and his performance...I don't know, it just cracks me up since he's so likable and energetic and in this one just having a million Chris Rocks talk...I don't know, that just really cracks me up for some reason. Oh, and guess who else is back...that crazy old lady that just had a quick cameo in the first one, but now she's like one of the main characters since she leads an abandoned safari hunt group where a bunch of the tourists almost go 'Lord Of The Flies' and good lord she is just determined to find this lion again-I don't know what her beef is, but she just kills me and that's one of the movie's strong points: it knows when to keep continuing jokes, which characters to hold on to but also knows when to add new material and up the isn't just a rehash, it gives us exactly what we want while also mixing it with new things.


The result of 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' is an energy-filled funny comedy and I find myself really enjoying these movies since they just don't seem like other animated flicks out there because they seem to really take advantage of the fact that it's animation, they can do slapstick because it's animation while doing both verbal humor and heart. They can just throw whatever they want without feeling they had to conform to the Disney style or the Pixar style or...heck, even sort of the DreamWorks style and it seems to balance out really really well. If you're not a fan of the first one, I don't think the second one will really sway you at all...but if you do like the first one, the second one is more of the same great comedy while also upping the new stuff-check it out and have some fun, that is why I'm giving 'Madagascar 2' a rating of an 8.5 out of 10

MLEEP Reviews: Madagascar - I Like To Move It, Move It For 15 Years | #Madagascar15

Image result for madagascar 2005
Written By Mark Burton, Billy Frolick, Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath
Composed By Hans Zimmer
Produced By Mireille Soria
Edited By H. Lee Peterson
Directed By Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath

I'll be very honest: one of the reasons I didn't see 'Madagascar' in the theaters is because I thought the characters were lamely designed. Maybe it's because I was just too used to the Disney stuff, but I just thought they looked kind of cheap thus I didn't see it and avoided it for a while until I eventually saw it on DVD. But when the time came around for its fifteenth anniversary review, I naturally had to re-watch it....and you know what, it wasn't that bad even to this day since I think the real strength of it comes from the animation and the humor plus the fact that I legitimately didn't know where it was going and I love movies that can do that especially considering where it started out.  But does this team of animals still have the right moves to make a great film after fifteen years?  Let’s find out, this is ‘Madagascar’!

MADAGASCAR: Alex the lion is the king of the urban jungle, the main attraction at New York's Central Park Zoo. He and his best friends Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo have spent their whole lives in blissful captivity before an admiring public and with regular meals provided for them. Not content to leave well enough alone, Marty lets his curiosity get the better of him and makes his escape with the help of some prodigious penguins to explore the world.


So, I'm not gonna lie...when I saw the first few minutes of 'Madagascar', I said to myself "okay, I got this figured: this is just gonna be the "fish out of water" story...the friends are gonna be angry at each other, the tribe's gonna think they're one thing, then we're gonna do that stupid "liar revealed" story and it's gonna suck, blah-blah-blah, I hope there's some good jokes." But actually no, there's no "liar revealed" story at all since the focus actually comes down to whether or not Alex will give into his temptation and actually start eating his friends. You know what, I haven't seen that...I think that's much more interesting, much more fun and much more creative and I think it's made even stronger by the fact that the four of them actually do seem to have a legitimate camaraderie to a point where it actually sort of started to remind me of 'The Wild'. Yeah...which one of these came out first, is this another 'A Bug's Life' and 'Antz' thing all over again?

Well anyway, the one thing this has over 'The Wild' is the speed of the animation: I mean, there is just a lot of energy to it and they're trying hard to make the comedy come from just the mere movement of them and it really works a good chunk of the time. The Penguins are also a lot of fun and they pretty much steal the show as expected since everything they do is sort of like ninjas or secret agents, plus I've seen both spin-off shorts and a spin-off series based on these characters and you can definitely see why...they're very enjoyable.


While I don't think 'Madagascar' is anything fantastic, I will admit that it did have me laughing a lot of the time. The story did sort of have me guessing and it's definitely bright and colorful and has a lot of great stuff for kids. I think it's a pretty decent family flick: it's smart, it's funny, it's entertaining...and while I don't think it's a classic by any means, I think it's a lot of fun. I'd say go see it...but judging by the number of sequels they've already made out of it, you've probably already had to thus you've already drawn your own conclusions. I'm personally glad I saw 'Madagascar' again after so long and I surprisingly even looked forward to seeing the sequels even if there was more Penguins, so I'm gonna give 'Madagascar' a rating of an 8 out of 10.

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MLEEP Reviews: Casper - 25 Years Of Friendly Frights | #Casper25
Written By Sherri Stone, Deanna Oliver and J.J. Abrams
Composed By James Horner
Produced By Colin Wilson
Edited By Michael Kahn
Directed By Brad Silberling

With the annual tradition of Halloween being a time for the creepy and the spooky, Casper certainly seems to stand out from the crowd for his friendly and big-eyed personality while never being able to scare anybody yet he sure found a way to truly scare people twenty five years ago with his only cinematic release of the same name but the only reason that it's scary to be fair is because it's so bad: a dozen pointless cameos, a dozen pointless plot lines and a dozen pointless puns.  Is there truth to this movie when they say that things aren't always what they seem, let's find out...this is 'Casper'!

CASPER: Casper is a kind young ghost who peacefully haunts a mansion in Maine when specialist James Harvey arrives to communicate with Casper and his fellow spirits bringing along his teenage daughter Kat. Casper quickly falls in love with Kat, but their budding relationship is complicated not only by his transparent state but also by his troublemaking apparition uncles and their mischievous antics.


I have to admit that for a story about ghosts, 'Casper' seems like a relatively soulless movie...I mean there isn't much to it, but it actually wasn't scary or even on a scale of so bad it's scary: I mean granted it is a bad movie, but it's nowhere near terrible since the sets are kind of creative, the CGI is fun and even though it doesn't really work, you can tell that creators were at least trying to create something good...there was actual effort put onto it. It's kind of like the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie: it's not really good but could have been a hell of a lot worse especially considering the subject matter thus I have to give them credit for at least trying and I'm gonna give 'Casper' a rating of a 6.5 out of 10.

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MLEEP Reviews: My Little Pony - Memories And More | #FriendshipIsForever

Season 1, Episode 6: Memories And More
Written By Josh Haber

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic...what started as a small animated series for little girls that sought to challenge the established nature of the toys would go on to become a major universally appealing success among kids and adults starting an entire fandom culture in sharing the magic of friendship.  Over the past years, our magical equines have traveled through time and raised money to save family businesses and experienced the wonder of the movies all while laughing and dancing and being together...but now after ten years of adventures, this chapter is closing but this series itself would've never been anything without the lovable characters that Lauren Faust herself brought to life: they were able to be with us every single time...they've made us smile, been there for us in our time of need and made our friendships always magical.  So without further ado, let's bring both the 'Friendship Is Forever' mini-series and My Little Pony's fourth generation to a close as we look back on some 'Memories And More'!

MEMORIES AND MORE: Starlight Glimmer, Spike and the rest of their friends make last-minute memory additions to Twilight Sparkle's scrapbook present in time for her coronation.


I do have to admit that watching all six of these clip-show episodes has really awakened a lot of feelings of nostalgia over the years: I first started watching the series back in March of 2013 and began making videos a few months later and it's been continuous ever even though the series has come to an end and these clip-shows were a pleasant surprise, I never would have thought that it would have awaken so many feelings of nostalgia and...yeah I'm sure that's by design since these are meant to be memory episodes, these are all focused on the Mane Six's best moments followed by Starlight Glimmer and Spike and even the Royal Sisters of which I didn't see that coming but I am grateful for their inclusion most of all.  I am so happy with what they did for Spike because Spike has been with Twilight Sparkle more than any other character in the entirety of the series, I've always seen their relationship as sort of a brotherly-sisterly bond but one could make the argument that Twilight Sparkle is the closest thing that Spike has ever had to a mother especially since the very first flashback they show is Spike being hatched from his egg followed by his Spike showing his maturity through his willingness to put himself in danger in order to keep others safe which culminates in the moment where Spike realizes he doesn't have to find his real parents because Twilight Sparkle always has been and will always be the closest family he's ever had given the many scenes that these two characters have shared over the years: 'Owl's Well That Ends Well', 'Dragon Quest' and even a short little moment at the end of 'Lesson Zero' which really emphasizes just how lost Twilight Sparkle would have been without Spike in her life and vice versa.

Then, there are a few scenes that are dedicated to Starlight Glimmer: the Season 5 premiere, the Season 5 finale and even the Season 7 premiere where Twilight Sparkle basically tells Starlight Glimmer that she's taught her all that she can about friendship and that she needs to find her own path in life.  I've heard so many arguments over the years that Starlight Glimmer is in many ways inspired by Sunset Shimmer and there is some truth to that, but I am grateful that these two characters led to very different stories even though it was built on similar starting points...and like I said earlier even though I wasn't expecting to see the Royal Sisters and their own flashbacks, I am grateful that they were included here because of course Princess Celestia has been such a wonderful mentor figure to Twilight Sparkle over the years and I really wish they would have shown that short little scene in the Season 7 premiere where Princess Celestia was going through many of the same beats that Twilight Sparkle was going through in regards to Starlight Glimmer with how she had to let Twilight Sparkle grow on her own and couldn't be there to keep her safe and protected all the time and of course I'm sure there are tons of fans out there who are immensely grateful that they included a few moments of Princess Luna as well: it is a bit weird to hear Princess Luna speaking in the Royal we because 'Luna Eclipsed' is pretty much the only episode where we got to hear her speaking in this manner and I will admit that the short moment from 'Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep' still has left quite the impression on me over the years.

It has been such a treat to see each of these characters again even if it is with very few new clips since a lot of this is flashbacks to the episodes we've seen multiple times over the years, but it certainly had its desired effect.  I really do want to go back through the series all over again although I do think that when Twilight Sparkle was talking about how a book like this can never really end, that might have been a way for the writers and animators and the rest of the My Little Pony staff to talk about how they kind of wish that they could have kept going with the series: I know there's gonna be another My Little Pony movie coming out in 2021 and eventually they're gonna come up with Generation 5 and I was kind of hoping they just gave a tiny hint on what to expect from Generation 5 from these clip-show episodes, but you know that they are continuing this series in the comics of which I know they're being delayed until further notice given the state of the world right now but at least we will get to see further stories from Generation 4 in that fashion.


Overall, 'Memories And More' and the 'Friendship Is Forever' series in general have been very fun...many hadn't expected these clip-show episodes to come out until the first one that was suddenly dropped on us and we were like 'oh wow, hey this is nice' and now that it's come to an end, I admit that it certainly went a long way in building some nostalgic memories for me.  Much like the characters in these episodes, I really want to look back on how far I've come over the years and all the friends I've made through my YouTube channel that I really didn't think would go anywhere when I first started out: in a way, I suppose these clip-show episodes have more of an impact on me because of how much of a connection it's built up in what I have done over the years and who I met and all the relationships that I've built up over the years.  I'm glad that the final episode not only focused on Spike and Starlight Glimmer, but the Royal Sisters as well...those feelings of nostalgia are nice, but it is a welcome reminder that we can continue to create new memories and forge new paths and overcome new struggles and I honestly hope that such challenges will continue to help me grow as well as many of you out there and that is why I'm giving 'Memories And More' a rating of a 9.5 out of 10 as well as giving the 'Friendship Is Forever' mini-series an overall rating of an 8.58 out of 10.

And thus, the fourth generation of My Little Pony has officially come to an end...while I know that there are people among the fandom who still believe that the end of the series means the end of everything from their friendships to the fandom itself, but it's like Twilight Sparkle and her friends said: just because this chapter of our lives is ending, that doesn't mean that we're never gonna see each other again since the world of My Little Pony is the whole reason that so many people got to meet their best friends ever and you're sadly mistaken if you think that you're not gonna be friends anymore just because your friends are about to go on new adventures with new opportunities.

We've sure had some wild times, haven't we...throughout these past ten years, the music scene inside the fandom keeps getting bigger and better with the musicians really knowing how to blow the roof off whether online or performing at conventions all around the world and not to mention all of the amazing talented people in the community from the cosplayers to the special guests from the series that come to conventions to meet their many fans and we've been able to make such amazing memories together and I am so glad to have gotten to share them with all of you.

From the very beginning, this was all about all of us within the fandom from our very beginning at the start of the decade...this whole franchise would've never reached the scale that it accomplished without all of us-the fans.  From the numerous of created OC's and fan art to video games along with music and cosplays and so much more, all because of the one thing that brought us together...My Little Pony helped so many people discover their inner artist while reigniting the spark of creativity in others and it even helped some find their calling in life all because of this show.

The title says it all, doesn't it...some of you have met your best friends, your significant others, your husbands, your wives, some even have little fillies and colts of their own that they can now share this show with and you've gone on so many amazing experiences and grown together all because friendship is magic.  This isn't goodbye and it doesn't matter if we are miles apart, we're still a part of each other and a part of you.  So...continue to rock out, continue to create and continue to be you.

And now on behalf of everypony in Equestria for one last time, I'm True Blue saying...THANK YOU, MY LITTLE PONY!

Memories And More-9.5/10


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MLEEP Reviews: Shrek Forever After - It's All Ogre Now For 10 Years | #Shrek
Written By Josh Klausner and Darren Lemke
Composed By Harry Gregson-Williams
Produced By Gina Shay and Teresa Cheng
Edited By Nick Fletcher
Directed By Mike Mitchell

Shrek Forever After, the final film in the Shrek saga: is it as good as the second one, is it as bad as the third one...I think it's kind of somewhere in the middle. Out of all the movies, I'd say this one is probably the second-best but then again I don't really think much of the other movies apart from the second...but after being humiliated with the third movie and in celebration of its tenth anniversary of the franchise officially coming to an end, will this film bring Shrek back to where he was in the animation industry or has he lost it completely? Let's find out, this is 'Shrek Forever After'!
SHREK FOREVER AFTER: Long-settled into married life and fully domesticated, Shrek begins to long for the days when he felt like a real ogre. Duped into signing a contract with devious Rumpelstiltskin, he finds himself in an alternate version of Far Far Away where ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin rules, and he and Fiona have never met thus Shrek must find a way out of the contract to restore his world and reclaim his true love.
The film in no way reaches the heart or comedy that 'Shrek 2' had, but at the same time I will admit that I did sort of want to know what was going on since I was more intrigued with how Shrek was gonna get out of this and the alternate reality that was created from his decision. I liked seeing the characters in different roles, I liked seeing them do different things yet the downside is that it doesn't really lead to a lot of funny moments and I mean that sort of in the same way as the first film like it's almost not trying to be that funny since it's more trying to just tell the story straight-up which isn't...necessarily bad since I'd much rather they try to tell a good story than just have them try to tell a bunch of jokes that really fail and there are a few good laughs in this like Gingerbread Man being a cracker which leads to the funniest line in the whole movie.
So I guess my only two major problems with this movie is 1) The fact they could use a lot more jokes and...yeah it's a comedy, I do think that's a bit of a problem and 2) I think this scene where Shrek blows up at Fiona saying that he wants things to go back to the way they used to be before he rescued her is way too out-of-character and way too mean-spirited even for Shrek, it just didn't feel right: I mean I know he's at his boiling point, but no..this, this doesn't work. We're supposed to still like this guy and feel sorry that he said this stuff...but when you say things like that, that's pretty nasty and I think that really does harm a lot of the film even though it's just a small scene.
But for everything else, I guess that 'Shrek Forever After' is an okay film: I mean for a movie that really didn't need to exist, I can't really say it's bad...I wanted to know what was gonna happen, I like the villain of the movie, I like the alternate outcomes but nothing really screams "Go see it" to me either. So my thought is that if you just sort of wanna see the Shrek movies just to finish up the Shrek movies, you won't be that disappointed since It's got a laugh here or two and it will keep your attention...however if you're looking for a really good and strong comedy with really good and strong characters, you might wanna go back to the second one: not the best, not the worst, take it for what it is and that is why 'Shrek Forever After' gets a rating of a 6.5 out of 10.

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MLEEP Reviews: The Return Of Jafar
Written By Kevin Campbell, Mirth Js Colao, Bill Motz, Steven Roberts,
Dev Ross, Bob Roth, Jan Strnad and Brian Swenlin
Composed By Mark Watters
Produced By Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove
Edited By Robert S. Birchard and Elen Orson
Directed By Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove

If you're younger, you might have noticed all these sequels that seem to pop up to popular Disney films that don't really seem to be as good: this is because as hand-drawn films were starting to phase out and CG-animated films were starting to phase in, Disney didn't always have a lot to do for their hand-drawn least nothing that made them much a profit. However, that seemed to change though not necessarily for the best with the direct-to-DVD sequels: for whatever reason, kids just loved to see what was gonna happen next in these movies that really didn't need any continuing stories and they got a reputation pretty fast of being the worst-you name it: 'The Lion King', 'Aladdin', 'Pocahontas' and even 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame' got a sequel! As they seemed to make more and more money, they pushed them up faster and faster and...well, they have a reputation for being some of Disney's worst material in recent years. For a long time, people have been asking me to look these over and I didn't want to but I'm an optimist and I'm gonna hold out that there's at least one...just one good sequel out there. Is it a fool's wish, maybe...but I'm determined to get through them to see if they're as bad as everybody says they are. I get a feeling they're right, but I should judge for there somewhere a diamond in the rough to be found? Let's find out, this is 'The Return Of Jafar'...I hope you appreciate what I do for you.
THE RETURN OF JAFAR: In this animated Disney tale, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and the gang are not as free of the menacing sorcerer Jafar as they think: since their last encounter with him, Jafar has been imprisoned in a magic lamp but an inept thief Abis Mal is about to change that. Luckily for Aladdin and friends, Jafar's parrot Iago has switched to their side which is good because they need all the help they can get.
So let's go to where this all started: many remember getting the videotape of 'The Fox And The Hound' and as soon as you opened it up, there was a little pamphlet that said "one of the greatest villains was coming back" open it up and you saw Disney's 'The Return Of Jafar'. Holy a little kid, this was amazing since 'Aladdin' was one of the biggest films that ever came out at that time and Disney never really did any sequels apart from 'The Rescuers Down Under' thus we were beyond excited to see another Aladdin movie on the big screen. As more time went by though, we realized it wasn't going to be on the big screen and instead it was going to be direct-to-VHS. Well okay, it was still an Aladdin sequel and it was done by still has to be pretty good, right? Well then we saw the trailer for it, there was a serious downgrade and it was pretty obvious from the first frame what this was: this was Disney trying to cash in on a popular movie which they've done before but not usually with a sequel and not usually with such a difference in animation. So yeah, the hype died down pretty quickly but we were still kind of interested in seeing it since it was Aladdin after all and we wanted to know what evil scheme Jafar had up his sleeve.
The plot in general is not that bad and to its credit Jafar's revenge is actually a pretty good one, but nothing feels as fleshed out as the original-in fact, Aladdin doesn't even seem like the focus since it feels more like the focus is on Iago: he's the one that has the story arc, he's the one that's torn between two places...but in terms of what made the original Aladdin so enjoyable and continuing it here, a lot of it just doesn't transfer over. Whether they didn't have the time or the budget or whatever, it just feels really rushed: Aladdin and Jasmine don't have much chemistry, the Genie's not really that funny, the animation though I know they're trying just can't compete with the incredible colors and movement that the first one had and even the songs aren't as hummable...and yeah, way too many of them are given to Gilbert Gottfried because that's a voice I want to hear put to music.
I remember when I first saw it, I was more making fun of it than actually getting sucked into the story...but again being a kid, I did put it on once or twice after and I kind of accepted what it was: just a cheap knock-off, rushed-out, really fast and I guess it's not the worst as cheap knock-offs's just not very good but its purpose is made totally complete by the ending where it just seems to end really abruptly when they just say "hey, we want to go see the world!" and it just kind of stops. I remember I was scratching my head wondering what that was about and then the Aladdin television series came out a few days yeah, really all this was was a pilot episode for the Aladdin cartoon: honestly I probably would've liked this more if it just came forward and said that's what this was, if they just announced there was an Aladdin show coming out and this was gonna be the first episode or a couple of episodes tied together like what they usually do with the Disney Afternoon...but no, they had to put it on VHS slapping 'The Return Of Jafar' on it and thus we now have to judge it as a Disney movie: not a theatrical release, but still a sequel to a theatrical release...and in that case, it's pretty bad since what would've made a passable television pilot is now the beginning of a long line of disappointing DVD sequels.
As for the rest, I think the word to describe 'The Return Of Jafar' is probably "awkward": it's not godawful, it's not like there was no effort put into it, it's just...awkward. Looking back years later, it's not that big a deal especially when you know all the sequels that are gonna come out after...but for a bunch of kids that were excited to finally see a sequel to one of the biggest Disney films they've ever seen, it was pretty underwhelming. I know it has a soft spot for some, I was just never one to get into it...but this would only be the beginning of the Disney sequel suck-fest, more were on the way and there was so much more suffering to be had thus I have to give 'The Return Of Jafar' a rating of a 4 out of 10.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

MLEEP Reviews: My Little Pony - Harvesting Memories | #FriendshipIsForever

Season 1, Episode 5: Harvesting Memories
Written By Josh Haber

Having grown up working hard to keep her family's famous apple business growing, Applejack has come to be known as the most down-to-earth, resourceful and dependable Earth Pony this side of Ponyville! A proud farm pony to the core, she's not afraid to get her hooves dirty since there's nothing a little horse-sense and elbow-grease can't take care of in her worldview. Incredibly honest, Applejack would never stoop to tell a lie and this makes her a beacon for those seeking advice with an impeccable ability to break a situation down to its core and fix it fast usually topped off with a wacky country anecdote told with a charming of country twang...and with her being a part of Starlight Glimmer and Spike's plan of a magical scrapbook of memories to give to Twilight Sparkle at her upcoming coronation as Princess Of Equestria while preparing for the celebration, let's see what she can offer to the surprise plan as we spend a day of rootin-tootin' fun while we begin 'Harvesting Memories'!

HARVESTING MEMORIES: Applejack reminisces about her past moments of honesty without revealing her true intentions to Twilight Sparkle.


I think I do like this episode more than last week's 'Deep Tissue Memories' which focused on Rainbow Dash because for one there's a lot more focus on Apple Bloom as compared to the other Cutie Mark Crusaders in previous episodes and it actually taught me a little bit more about Applejack that I hadn't realized: I mean of course they have to focus on the moments where she's struggling to be honest or should I say dishonest since they go through a few scenes like in 'Leap Of Faith' and 'Honest Apple' and...yeah I certainly enjoyed those moments but if they were gonna focus on a moment where Applejack is really struggling to be dishonest, why wouldn't they have brought up the interrogation scene between Applejack and Pinkie Pie back in Season 1's 'Party Of One'?  I mean, this is such a classic moment where Applejack is just failing miserably, but I do appreciate the clips that they did choose because they were still entertaining and the fact that this whole clip-show is kind of revolving around the fact that neither Spike nor Starlight Glimmer believe that Applejack is even capable of not spoiling the surprise thus having Spike constantly trying to interrupt Applejack who later on interrupts Spike just to get one back on him was kind of fun although seeing Starlight Glimmer with Twilight Sparkle's hairdo...although it doesn't help the criticisms that she's basically a Twilight Sparkle clone, I did not see that coming because I know we've seen that with Rainbow Dash in a Twilight Sparkle hairdo thus it's still weird to see different characters with different hairstyles since it takes you off-guard.

I do like the fact that from the beginning, Applejack was trying to tell both Spike and Starlight Glimmer that she is capable of reminiscing with Twilight Sparkle without spoiling the surprise and that it's kind of Spike and Starlight Glimmer learning 'you know what, we should have trusted Applejack a little bit more to begin with'-I mean, that's the very first clip that they bring up is the Season 1 premiere episode where Applejack is trying to get Twilight Sparkle to trust her yet I also did appreciate all the moments they focused on just how weird Applejack can be since she certainly has her stubborn moments of doing some rather unnecessary steps...but then seeing 'Simple Ways' where she's in the very fancy dress and even doing a little pouty face, I had forgotten how funny that was since I remember when I first watched that scene way back in the day and I couldn't stop chuckling for a full three minutes since it's just so fun and even reminding us of that scene in 'Sparkle's Seven' where she has this whole story of 'oh, I used to be this great music star but had to put it all away but now I'm gonna do it one more time'.  I mean you'd think they focus a little more on that with Pinkie Pie's clip-show episode but...yeah when you're putting the weird moments of Applejack in a montage sequence, I never would have really made that connection over the years because I think the moment that I actually had the most fun watching in 'Harvesting Memories' was when they were going over the 'Apple Family Reunion' episode because the first clip shows just how close the Apple Family is and even how adorable Apple Bloom is when she talks about how much she's looking forward to seeing Babs Seed again...but the second clip going over 'Raise This Barn', I had forgotten how fun of a song that was since it's a square dance that you can't help but tap your feet to.  I mean I've probably had fonder memories of 'Apples To The Core' over the years because yeah that is also an exceptionally fun song, but I had completely forgotten about 'Raise This Barn' and I really shouldn't have since Daniel Ingram over the years has shown that he is just so incredibly talented on the range of music he can compose and I just needed a clip like this to remind me of his talent.


Overall, 'Harvesting Memories' is a fun episode and I definitely enjoyed it moreover Rainbow Dash's from last week but again that's probably my bias with how much I love the moments between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo and how much of an inspiration she can be but I did very much appreciate the moments like in 'Somepony To Watch Over Me' with seeing the Chimera which is a pretty cool looking monster that I wish they could have used a little bit more in the series yet hearing Apple Bloom realize how much she misses her sister are moments that I was really hoping to see between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo when you have those moments in showing how strong of a connection that they had at this point although it's nice going over these clip-show episodes because it really makes me want to go back and watch the series from start to finish again which I'm sure that's kind of Hasbro's showing how much we really love My Little Pony in preparation for Generation 5 whenever that comes out thus I'm gonna give 'Harvesting Memories' a rating of an 8.5 out of 10.  With that said, I'm True Blue and I'll see you all next week for what is now officially the final farewell to My Little Pony's fourth generation in the final chapter of 'Friendship Is Forever' as it all comes down to what Starlight Glimmer and Spike will reflect on as we look back on some 'Memories And More'!

Deep Tissue Memories-8/10
Harvesting Memories-8.5/10


MLEEP Reviews: Dinosaur - 20 Years Of Dino Disasters | #Dinosaur20

Image result for dinosaur 2000
Written By John Harrison and Robert Nelson Jacobs
Composed By James Newton Howard
Produced By Pam Marsden
Edited By H. Lee Peterson
Directed By Ralph Zondag and Eric Leighton

'Dinosaur' is the one for whatever reason that everybody's been pleading for me to do even though it technically isn't a 2-D animated film with my guess was that the film must be so good that obviously everybody wants me to review it. Um...okay, I didn't quite see it as that but uh...let's find out and see if they were right after twenty years, this is 'Dinosaur'!

DINOSAUR: This is the story of Aladar, an iguanodon dinosaur raised by a family of lemurs. Their world is turned upside-down however when meteors strike turning their green world into a desert wasteland. Teaming up with a herd of other herbivores, the trek is on to find the "Nesting Ground" where water and vegetation is bountiful... but with carnivores behind them and nothing but desert around for miles, it doesn't look promising!


Alright, let's start from the beginning and I mean really from the beginning...let's go to the trailer because this is the first thing a lot of people saw: the trailer was just the first five minutes of the movie with a little dinosaur egg being picked up and traveling across fields of real life landscapes and computer-generated dinosaurs and I gotta admit that it was pretty cool since it got a lot of us really hyped up. But then when a lot of people saw the movie, their reaction was kind of similar but changed as soon as the animals started talking and this really angered me since I thought they were really gonna do something new with the animals that don't talk sort of like in 'Fantasia' or they do this really adult story like 'The Land Before Time' where it's this really big story and really touching characters and just this timeless...yeah I know I'm probably over-reading it, but look at the opening for f--k's sakes! Look at how real they try to make these dinosaurs, they're obviously trying to tell this really really big story and I'm sorry but you can't do it with these voices and these references! If it was something like out of a Rudyard Kipling novel maybe, but the story is one you've heard it a million times: it's 'Moses' again with how a young one is driven from his family to be raised by somebody else growing up years later and finds something threatening his kind-in this case, a meteorite-thus he finally comes across his people and he emerges a leader.

I'm willing to put up with this if they give us something new but these characters are so bland and so tired because the minute you see the main character, you know what he's gonna be: he's gonna be naive but determined, a wise cracker but knows when to be serious, the all-around good role model who cracks a few jokes every now and then. What about the supporting characters, you have the female love interest who's just there to be the female love interest-yeah, they talk twice and all a sudden they're like laying eggs at the end...when did that happen? The jerky leader is the...jerky leader-oh wait, actually we have two jerky leaders so that way we can do both story arcs: the one with the guy who realizes his mistakes and the one with a stubborn jerk who never catches on...well great, you gave us two cliches for one. You got that weird thing I never get where some of the dinosaurs talk but some don't and you could argue maybe they're not as intelligent, but of them's like a dog-I'm sorry, that's really weird! If it was like a different animal maybe, but this is really kind of odd when all the rest of the dinosaurs can talk: it's like talking to a person and then another person is suddenly licking and scratching at's, I don't know, just odd. Even all that beautiful landscape we were promised in the trailer since most of it's just traded in for bland boring-looking desert...and I know what they're getting across: they're supposed to be suffering because the meteor hit and it's supposed to be bad times...but when your story and your characters are as bland as this, the least you could do is give us something interesting to look at.

Now to the movie's credit despite the fact that the story's been done a million times and these characters have been done a million times, it's not...bad. I mean, there are a few things I like: for example, I really like these two older dinosaurs that are constantly bringing up the rear-they know they're slowing people down, but at the same time they're trying their best to be optimistic and hopeful. The supportive mother though again done a million times is actually a genuinely likable character too and I do sort of like it when the one leader realizes his mistake and is even ready to die for it...but for a story like this where obviously they're trying to tell a great big tale with great big characters, nothing much really stands out about it. Something like 'The Land Before Time' really works because not only is it done with dinosaurs, but it's done with young dinosaurs and they don't use terms like "the love monkey" since they use terms that are a little bit more timeless and you feel the pain and the struggle they have to get through because they're much younger...that makes the danger so much greater and they all had unique personalities and you could easily gravitate towards them-you could get angry at them or you can get sad for them or you can get happy for them...why is it I always praise 'The Land Before Time' whenever I'm talking about Disney films?!


So yeah, I hear 'Dinosaur' didn't do phenomenally well at the box office and you can probably see why...but again a lot of people really wanted me to do this and I guess a lot of people out there probably really enjoy it. If you do, that's awesome since I don't think there's anything ethically wrong or really insulting about it like I said yet it just seems like a "really been done" story as well as "really been done" characters. I know that there's about five original stories that we're all doing variations on and like ten original characters that we're only doing variations on, but the more they can hide it or at least bring something new to the table...that's what makes a difference. For me, I just didn't feel 'Dinosaur' brought enough: I didn't hate it, I just couldn't get into it...but hey, apparently a lot of people did and I'm sure a lot of people still do. If you're interested to see what some people are talking about, give 'Dinosaur' a watch...but if the same things that annoy me also annoy you, I'd probably say give it a skip and that is why I'm giving 'Dinosaur' a rating of a 5 out of 10.

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MLEEP Reviews: Scoob! | #SCOOB
Written By Adam Sztykiel, Jack Donaldson, Derek Elliott and Matt Lieberman
Composed By Tom Holkenborg
Produced By Pam Coats and Allison Abbate
Edited By Ryan Folsey and Vanara Taing
Directed By Tony Cervone

It's hard to find a formula that can last over fifty years, but Scooby-Doo has found that formula: though there's certainly been variations over the years, Scooby-Doo has delighted kids with almost the exact same characters and setup with a bunch of 20-something "kids" stumbling across a monster that's usually a person in a mask and they need to solve the mystery of who it is. Sometimes they strayed from the formula and the result has always been...well, back to formula but I guess it makes sense why it's lasted so long since the characters are pleasant and easy to identify along with the fact that there are great contrasts to the Gothic situations they're put in and the mysteries help kids form deductive problem-solving skills and of course that adorably mangy dog too. It's become a cultural phenomenon still making shows, movies and specials as well as being satirized by everybody including themselves...say what you will about it, but this is a franchise train that's provided a huge amount of steam. With this year bringing Scooby and the team of Mystery Inc. back on the big screen for the first time in years, will this be a mystery we will enjoy solving or will we be the ones going 'ruh roh'...let's find out, this is 'Scoob'!

SCOOB: With hundreds of cases solved and adventures shared, Scooby and the gang face their biggest and most challenging mystery ever: a plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this global dog-pocalypse, the gang discovers that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny greater than anyone could have imagined.


I watched 'Scooby-Doo' quite a bit as a kid yet it was never a mainstay of many households and the reason why is because they were always pissed off that whatever it was they were chasing ended up being a guy wearing a suit since they always wanted the ghosts or werewolves or vampires to be f--king real and not being just a guy in a suit crying about those meddling kids while I personally thought the series was very clever in showing that the real monsters weren't ghosts or vampires but rather humanity and just how cruel some people can be when looking out for themselves and nobody else...and besides if you really want to watch shows where the paranormal stuff was real, there's always 'Goosebumps' or 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' of 'The X-Files'-heck, even the series 'Supernatural' fits that description and they even had a crossover episode of 'Scooby-Doo' which is still their most universally praised in the entire series!  This movie thankfully does have a mixture of both with some people pretending to do things and there are some supernatural elements to the film which was a pleasant surprise...but while a unique premise for a Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe movie, I've never seen a film in control of a property and be so ashamed of its property because it doesn't want to be anything like 'Scooby-Doo' and instead wants to be aggressively modern in every way filled with a lot of today's songs while wrapping a superhero Avengers-esque plot where Shaggy and Scooby meet up with Blue Falcon and his super dog Dynomutt while the rest of the Mystery Inc. team is pushed to the background after the first ten to fifteen minutes of the movie as kids before we cut to them older as a team during what was an incredible modern recreation of the iconic 'Scooby Doo, Where Are You' theme song only for the first scene afterwards being them getting into an argument with Simon Cowell who has a weird habit of sneaking into animated movies since 'Shrek 2' while suggesting that the team doesn't work well together thus ruining their friendship.

Because of everything that is happening in this movie, you never really get a sense of these characters within the movie since it really wants you to have seen every show and spin-off and every other film involving these characters as if that was somehow backstory when it's not since this movie is supposed to be a fresh start for the franchise: we have a little tiny opening with Shaggy and Scooby getting to know each other and then all the characters are basically separated for the rest of the movie, you don't know a damn thing about them since they're just the caricatures that you expect them to be from the show...I may enjoy watching the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons but even I will admit that I'm not an expert on everything they've done.  There's nothing new or interesting about this movie since it's taking a property that most people like and just trying to make it fit into the current time period yet it does so in a really cringe-worthy way which brings me to another weird thing about the film: the time-frame and where we are supposed to be since the movie opens with Shaggy as a little boy and the first thing you hear is 2pac's 'California Love' followed up by someone going by on roller blades holding a boombox playing that song which made me think it was set in the 90's yet the very next thing that happens is Shaggy pulling out a smartphone and I was like 'wait, what time is this' which only confused me more when we cut to the team as adults and made me question if this was the future and what the f--k just happened...also this is a minor nitpick, but IKEA and Netflix weren't things that existed in the Scooby-Doo universe last I checked

Before we wrap up though, let's address the big elephant in the room which has been a hugely controversial topic of the film ever since its initial announcement and that is the fact that almost all of the Mystery Inc. gang were completely re-casted by celebrities: now I'm not trying to offend these actors specifically, but I do think the very fact we're not getting the original voices is sad and it just doesn't seem like the Scooby-Doo we know.  A few days ago, Daphne's current voice actress Grey Delisle chimed in on the situation saying the following: 'People keep asking what I think of #SCOOB and honestly I probably won't ever be able to watch it.  I'm certainly not saying that YOU shouldn't but to listen to someone else doing the voice I've done for over 20 years is just too painful for me.  Jeepers...I'm sorry! 💜'.  In 2019, Shaggy's voice actor Matthew Lillard didn't even know about the recasting until it was officially announced to which he said the following: 'Well this sucks.  What a crappy way to find out...thanks Hollywood.  You never cease to amaze me'...I think it's worth realizing that these voice actors bring life into the characters we know and love, there's a reason they've been part of the crew for almost twenty years and it's disappointing to know that was taken away from them.  Now the good news is that we've got Frank Welker (aka Scooby's current voice actor and Fred's voice actor since the original series), he plays Scooby in the movie and that's honestly a role that can't be taken over yet the problem with that is he's being overshadowed by literally everyone else: in the trailers, you'll notice this list of celebrities playing all the characters yet the one who gets the least recognition at the very bottom is Frank Welker...this dude is easily the most important voice out of everyone because he's been Scooby and Fred for so many years yet the thing is that people don't recognize his face or name.

Why is all of this happening, why did Hollywood decide to recast so many characters and why are they barely giving recognition to this legend...well the answer is money obviously, big names equals big profits since the average kid probably doesn't care about voices behind their favorite characters and just like seeing these guys on screen while some parents probably look forward to seeing the celebrities and don't care as much for a faithful adaptation.  It's because of this very mindset that Hollywood thinks they should just hire celebrities instead of the actual voice actors who give it their all: now I completely understand that this is how the industry works, there's nothing that can really be done and my words don't matter in the grand scheme of things...but even with all this happening, that doesn't make it any easier to watch since the celebrities don't really have to try that much and they know that just being in the movie is gonna result in even more money made.  This movie is all about Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. team, but it really doesn't feel like that when the original gang isn't there...and when the actual talented voice actors aren't playing a role, it's just hard to watch.


The best way I can describe 'Scoob!' overall is just to say what I already have: they have a property that people like yet they clearly see all these problems with it and try to keep certain things like the 1960's Mystery Machine but taking place in today with these kids who are talking about smartphones and saying modern day buzzwords all throughout their movie and they're trying to mash it all up to somehow make kids today not be bored.  The problem with that mindset however is that kids today still watch Scooby-Doo and they're not f--king bored since there's new cartoons in the franchise that little kids like to watch yet I've never seen a company so ashamed of their property that they just try to change it drastically to make kids today like it when it was already fine before...but at the end of the day, you can support 'Scoob!' no matter what: there are some big problems but if you grew up with the franchise or you just like Hanna-Barbera characters in general, then you should find some enjoyment here....but I don't know, the fact that these characters got re-casted puts a pretty bad taste in my mouth and that's why I'm giving 'Scoob!' a rating of a 6.5 out of 10 yet we should use this time to appreciate the actual current voice actors to the gang since they deserve some love right now.