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MLEEP Reviews: BoJack Horseman - Start Spreading The News/The BoJack Horseman Show | #BoJack

Season 3, Episode 1: Start Spreading The News
Written By Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Joe Lawson

After the success of his best-selling memoir and even managing to land the movie role of his dreams back in Season 1, BoJack Horseman was ready to jump start his career and his life as we saw throughout the duration Season 2 from wanting director Kelsey Jannings to like him while on the set of 'Secretariat' to teaming up with his friends to steal a crucial shot for the film...but it wasn't without its shortcomings as BoJack still found a way to mess things up despite his best efforts to change from getting involved in one of Hollywoo's biggest scandals to getting his former director fired for going against producer Lenny Turteltaub's orders replacing her with Abe D'Catfish on top of losing one of his closest friends he had during the days of Horsin' Around.  But with 'Secretariat' now being a huge success and BoJack finally feeling his oats, will everything he touches turn to manure again?  Let's find out 'cause it's time to 'Start Spreading The News' with Season 3 of BoJack Horseman...let's take a look!

START SPREADING THE NEWS: Ana Spanakopita sends BoJack to New York to do interviews and Todd tags along while Princess Carolyn tells Mr. Peanutbutter to get back to work.


  • Diane Nguyen-as we had seen during Season 2 especially in the episode 'Hank After Dark', we saw Diane at what was easily her lowest point in life as her controversial statements about Hank Hippopopalous having done far worse as a celebrity than BoJack while still having a career resulted in her receiving non-stop backlash all over media and flying to Cordovia to write a memoir on Sebastian St. Clair only to find out that he only wanted to boost his famous 'superhero act' and return to Los Angeles to go into hiding at BoJack's house where she ended up receiving a new job with Princess Carolyn at her agency VIM as a celebrity tweet ghost writer until things would hopefully die's great to see that events that happen within the series eventually go on to play a part in future episodes since it would be very easy to just press the reset button at the end of every episode and act like nothing ever happened with this being especially prominent in shows like 'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy' while the continuity with shows like BoJack Horseman are a serious breath of fresh air!
  • The comedy-while BoJack Horseman is a series that is known for its adult humor and raunchy subject matter, it's great that we're starting off Season 3 with a lot of great comedy that doesn't mostly rely on sex or masturbation jokes and instead just play with how awkward situations can get like when Mr. Peanutbutter calls up BoJack to remind him about his meeting with Pinky Penguin and Diane accidentally talks to him from the agency somehow managing to still convince Mr. Peanutbutter who doesn't accuse Diane for being in New York that she is still in Cordovia while Todd manages to get lost the moment he steps out of the hotel room door to get ice...BoJack may have its extremely adult moments in comedy, but it's great to see that the series can still get some genuine laughs out of me with moments like this!

  • Ana Spanakopita and Heather-not even five seconds into the episode and I already hate this character...I understand that Ana is an efficient publicist who is willing to forego most things to win Oscars for her clients, but the constant way that she ruthlessly insults BoJack and his past during the interviews for 'Secretariat' in New York as a 'dumb sitcom actor' now on a 'piece of shit' show now that he is a real actor was extremely mean-spirited and heartbreaking since she reminded me a lot of those noobish fans on the Internet who aren't willing to give anything new when it comes to their favorite shows or movies or video games a chance after what they believe was perfection in their eyes-looking at you, Thomas The Tank Engine community!  With how nasty and toxic Ana has been towards BoJack within this first episode, it already sets a dark vibe as to what is coming up for the rest of the season...but we'll just have to wait and see what happens!  As for Heather, I know that she played a part in Diane's plan to frame Hank Hippopopalous for his scandalous behavior back in Season 2...but when she quite literally has sex with BoJack to figure out what's next for him where he accidentally tells her about what really happened during the production of 'Secretariat' as well as what happened back in Season 2's "Escape From L.A.", it turns out that she is gonna use the information to blackmail BoJack in her next story as a reporter!


Overall, it's time to 'Start Spreading The News' since Season 3 of BoJack Horseman is already off to a great start...and with how ruthless things are so far for BoJack with his new publicist and his reputation almost put in jeopardy by reporters, I can tell that this season of BoJack is gonna be darker than ever before in terms of its subject matter about feeling micromanaged by others.  But for now, 'Start Spreading The News' 'cause this premiere episode gets a rating of a 9 out of 10.


Season 3, Episode 2: The BoJack Horseman Show
Written By Vera Santamaria

When we last left BoJack Horseman, he had once again found himself in quite a predicament from his ruthless publicist Ana Spanakopita constantly ridiculing him and his past as a sitcom actor in order to make sure he wins an Oscar for his movie 'Secretariat' to nearly getting exposed in one of the biggest scandals Hollywoo had ever seen through a hidden recording by his old friend Heather...but now that we have kicked off Season 3 with a bang in what is sure to be quite a dark and mature season of BoJack Horseman, it's time to continue onward by checking out what's new on television with 'The BoJack Horseman Show'!

THE BOJACK HORSEMAN SHOW: In 2007, Princess Carolyn finds a new project for BoJack while Diane meets Mr. Peanutbutter at the coffee shop where she works and Todd kisses a girl.


  • 'Trip Down Memory Lane'-with how this entire episode is told through one big flashback, I can see why some people would be turned off by it especially considering the overarching plot for Season 3 involving BoJack learning not to be micromanaged by others during his time as a movie star...but seeing what we were given with this episode, I think that it still works out pretty great as we get to see the origins from so many of our favorite characters as well as having the major questions that we have wondered since Season 1 answered like how Todd got his yellow beanie that we see him with in the present day of the series through his friend Emily who will actually plat a major part later on in the season which we will get to later on to how Princess Carolyn got her job as an agent for Hollywoo stars and celebrities after BoJack's former agent Marv quits as well as when Diane first met Mr. Peanutbutter before they formed their relationship and got married...and seeing as this episode takes place in 2007, you can bet that there is gonna be plenty of references and comedy that pokes fun at that year from the 'Generic 2007 Pop Song' that Princess Carolyn sings in a similar style that BoJack did during his flashbacks that he had back in Season 1 to when Mr. Peanutbutter mentions Michael Vick making him a strange offer which is in reference to when Michael and four other men were convicted for dog fighting!

  • N/A


Overall for an episode that is told through flashback to present BoJack's second television series that never really went anywhere, 'The BoJack Horseman Show' is another winning entry to add to the list of Season 3's streak so far...whether or not we can keep the streak of great episodes coming so far is up for debate at the moment, but 'The BoJack Horseman Show' manages to get a rating of a 9 out of 10.

Start Spreading The News/The BoJack Horseman Show-9/10


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