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MLEEP Reviews: Thomas & Friends - Diesel Do Right | #BigWorldBigAdventures

Season 23, Episode 14: Diesel Do Right
Written By Davey Moore
Directed By Dianna Basso

When we last left Diesel, he had hid from the other engines at the Dieselworks after they had wondered if it would be easier to useful if Diesel wasn't around constantly bumping them all the time which led to him covering himself with glow-in-the-dark paint pretending to be a ghost as a way to make the other engines come and look for him resulting in the duo of Paxton and Nia tricking the trickster into doing his own jobs was an alright episode-not perfect since the writing was a jumbled mess, but it did have its fun moments.  What trickery does Diesel have up his sleeve this time...let's go go go on a big adventure and find out with 'Diesel Do Right'!

DIESEL DO RIGHT: When Diesel is cross, he decides to get the other diesels into trouble by sending Rebecca to do their jobs badly


  • The story-while the concept of Diesel's trickery backfiring on him is becoming more and more predictable to the point where you question why Diesel hasn't been sent away for good after all the trouble that he caused during the model era of the series, it's the comedic genius that this episode was hiding that truly made it amazing since 'Diesel Do Right' is humorously reminiscent of the SpongeBob Squarepants episode 'Walking Small' where Plankton was teaching SpongeBob how to be assertive in order to help him with his scheme of building the Mega Bucket at Goo Lagoon-in fact, I found myself quoting that particular episode of SpongeBob a number of times throughout the viewing experience from Diesel throwing a pity party in order to recruit Rebecca in helping him with his scheme to get the other diesels in trouble whether it be Paxton's job of taking fruit and vegetables from Farmer McColl's farm where Terence The Tractor made another speaking appearance since his return in Season 21 to the Blue Mountain Quarry or Norman's stone delivery job and Sidney's delivery of parts for repairing Philip which felt like a nod to Season 22 as well as when Rebecca finds out what Diesel had been using her for throughout the entire quote SpongeBob from 'Walking Small', "you used me...FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT!!! That wasn't nice..."! Expect plenty of parodies to SpongeBob Squarepants coming soon to my channel when an HD version of 'Diesel Do Right' is made available...
  • The fantasy sequences-with this now being one of the major selling points for the series, this sequence of Diesel's version of the opening credits to the 'Big World Big Adventures' series fueled by his egotistical behavior of thinking he's more important than any of the other engines including our now gender-balanced main cast was so creative and hilarious that it has earned the title of the best fantasy sequence in Season 23 so far and also the best fantasy sequence of the entire Big World Big Adventures revamp...not only does this fantasy give the fandom plenty of new material to work with whether it be for fan series videos including a diesel based version of the Big World Big Adventures series or writing fan fictions of the previous international adventures with Diesel in Thomas' place, but it also opens up the possibility that Diesel might join Thomas one day on one of his big world adventures!  I know it sounds very unlikely at this point, but...if The Pack and possibly Kevin can join Thomas on his upcoming adventures in Italy, then other engines and vehicles can do the same-writers, get on that!

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Overall, 'Diesel Do Right' is much better than 'Diesel Glows Away' and it's not just because Rebecca is in the episode...while it is true that it doesn't have the most original story and that mostly comes from Diesel's trickery backfiring on him becoming more and more predictable especially when you realize that Diesel should've been sent away for good with the trouble that he caused during the model era of the series, it does make up for it with its humorous moments and a great cast of characters which are sure to inspire plenty of new material for the fandom to work with and that is why I'm gonna give 'Diesel Do Right' a rating of a 10 out of 10.

Grudge Match-9.5/10
Panicky Percy-6.5/10
Diesel Do Right-10/10


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